Wednesday, November 16, 2016

From A Kid's View

I gave my minis the camera. That may have been a mistake as there's now 200 blurry photos taking up space on my camera card. However, it is fun to see the world through their eyes. It all started when they spotted an owl in a tree in the backyard. I sent my camera out so they could get a picture and then they asked to take more....and more...and more.

There's an owl somewhere in the tree. The big news: "it was eating something!!!"

One of their friends took this.

All of those leaves we raked up that one weekend? Yeah, they're still all over the yard because the kids couldn't bear to get rid of the giant leaf pile. Our neighbors must think we're insane.

I giggled when I came across the pictures of random things set up strategically such as the corn, my scarecrow, and Elizabeth's toes.

Now to go about erasing the blurry pictures that I can't identify....