Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Secret Indulgence

My evening indulgence before bed.

Let me grab my tea and my favorite spot on the couch. I flip on my lap top and open up Facebook. There I'm greeted by my favorite, secret indulgence: reading people's comments. Comments on what you ask? Comments on everything; the groups that I belong to, articles and news stories, answers to people's questions, etc.

The absolute BEST is reading other people's drama. There's a certain group I belong to on Facebook and I can tell you intimate details about some people's lives and I've never even met them. Then there's the comments on their threads. Ugh, it's just so much goodness. It makes my life seem sooooo uncomplicated and drama-less. Mostly I'm just really happy I was taughted grammar and spelling in school (yes, I did that on purpose).

My favorites are FB mom groups and parenting articles floating around. I seriously have to question one's intelligence when you decide to post a question in a group about your child who is actively seizing. Sometimes I really hope it's just a bored mom (is there such a thing??) messing with people.

With the upcoming election, comments on news articles are....interesting. I especially loved one comment about how Brangelina's break up will directly effect the election. I couldn't even. My little indulgence really opens my eyes about what judgmental a-holes people can be. Rule of thumb people: if you wouldn't say it to someone's face, you probably shouldn't be typing it. It also brings up questions about stupidity levels.....but I wouldn't say what I want to type to anyone's face so I won't type it.

Everyone has a secret indulgence. Chocolates, purses, Cheetos, perfumes, collecting something, etc. I also really love popping pimples (my husband once informed me that when he's envisioned me pinning him down, it's not necessarily for me to pop every blackhead and/or pimple on his back), but the comments section online, on anything, takes the cake for me.

So be honest, what's your indulgence? I shared mine so you share your's. No judging here.....I just really enjoy reading your comments.