Saturday, November 19, 2016

I'm 32 And Just Met My Favorite Santa

I've seen a lot of Santa's in my lifetime (I was informed this sounded kinky, but I swear, it's not). Last night I met my favorite one (again, not kinky). This Santa was my favorite because he had my minis convinced he WAS Santa, even my oldest mini. 

Ever since our oldest could talk about Santa and Christmas, he's been doubtful of Santa. He was two when he questioned a Santa's fake beard and three when he questioned why all Santa's were different. He's never been Santa obsessed, unlike our younger two who write letters throughout the year to Santa and make special crafts to leave Santa on Christmas Eve. We've thought many times that the oldest doesn't believe in Santa (read my thoughts from three years ago here) but haven't said much to him about the matter.

Last weekend, the youngest mini was overcome with joy when she discovered Santa sitting in his chair at the mall (yes, in the middle of November). This Thanksgiving loving mom rolled her eyes and gave into the thrill of a four year old. However the oldest mini was not okay with seeing Santa. He refused to go see Santa.

"It's too early in the season." "Seeing Santa isn't fun anymore." "Let's just go to Old Navy," were among his excuses. Santa coaxed him over and Max simply stood in front of Santa, rolling his eyes whenever Santa talked to him. I was slightly mortified by his behavior, yet we understood what he was feeling as we watched the interaction. He's older and getting over the whole Santa excitement and doesn't quite know what to do with it all.

However, last night changed his attitude (at the very least). We went to a Holiday Promenade and the youngest mini was sooooooo excited to see Santa again. If I could bottle up her excitement for Santa I would. I hope to always remember her shaking and jumping in anticipation of seeing Santa every time he's mentioned. Anyways, we stood in line to see Santa. The middle mini was happy to see Santa, but really could have cared less and the oldest mini didn't say much, but he did stand in line without complaint.

When they got up to Santa, Santa told the minis where to sit/stand and had them pose for a picture for us. Then he asked them each what they wanted and talk to them for a bit. Santa's usually talk do generic talk but not this Santa. When the oldest mini asked for more Lego sets, Santa replied:

"More Lego's! I think I get those for you every year." A smile spreads across all of the kids faces, but a look of shock came along with the oldest mini's smile. Santa continued "I bet your mom isn't too thrilled with more Lego's because they hurt when she steps on them!" Laughter and finger points (at the oldest) from the youngest two and a nervous laugh from the oldest. Winking at us parents, Santa finished with "I'll tell you what, you keep your Lego's picked up and I'll see what I can do on Christmas Eve."

He then turned to the middle mini and said "and you stop picking on your sister and you'll be good to go!"

I was thrilled with this Santa visit, especially when I heard the boys wake up this morning. A quick peak into their room found them picking up every single Lego up off the floor and organizing them into the Lego storage containers (I did buy them just for that reason and not to be scattered all over the floor). Best Santa visit ever.

* For the record, the line "stop picking on your sister had no effect on the middle mini.