Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall Fest Weekend

We had big plans this weekend: the Beaverdale Fall Festival, World Food Festival, pizza and a movie with friends, maybe even a hike or two, but like 90% of our plans, it didn't quite work out that way. The middle mini came down sick with a lung infection that required breathing treatments every four hours. So, we stuck around home most of the weekend. Hubs and I managed to get some quality time in with Netflix both Friday and Saturday nights (we finished season 4 of Orange Is The New Black, watched a documentary about Yellowstone, and sneaked in the Hitchcock classic The Man Who Knew Too Much. All are recommended if you're looking for something to watch), everyone got rest/nap times, and we got some fresh air in the backyard.

Saturday morning we did manage to be in the Beaverdale Fall Fest parade as planned and had a great time!

We got to be rock stars with Elizabeth's school!

After the parade, we lunched at El Rodeo at the middle mini's request (he's sick, how could I say no???). Then the rest of our weekend pretty much looked like this:

Breathing treatments around the clock. We actually wound up purchasing our own nebulizer so we didn't have to worry about the rental and returning equipment. 

We made gourment grilled cheeses. Last weekend at the apple orchard (read about that here), my sister and I got sweet and spicy grilled cheeses (a grilled cheese made with pepper jack cheese and raspberry preserves) and they were amazing. I attempted to re-create it at home. While it totally wasn't the same, it wasn't bad either.

I had help organizing receipts and doing book work that I'm behind on. Obviously I didn't get very far.

I know I say it often, but I love watched kids play. These two were playing in the backyard while I was cleaning up from breakfast. They had no idea I was at the window watching them for over 20 minutes. My favorite was when they glanced at the back door (to see if I was watching) right before they tipped the cube climber on it's side. They claimed they needed it that way for their playing.

"We're playing Aunt Jenny and Jack" (her dog). They then switched it up to Lady and The Tramp.

The loving each other and snuggles typically end in pain and tears. 

I'm hoping for next weekend everyone feels good so we can enjoy the fall weather! I'd love to fit in one more trip to Adventureland for the year and take a fall hike somewhere.