Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week In Review: August 29 - September 2

This was the first full week without the big kids around and it was....odd. The littles did surprisingly well when the big kids all went to school. Other than the line "it's quiet here" being said throughout the days and a few moments of uncertainty about playing, the littles seemed to be doing well. That is until a couple of the bigs showed up to pick up younger siblings. Suddenly the littles faces lit up and there was extreme laughter and playing. No matter how hard I try and no matter how many activities I have for them, there's some things I can't do. Thankfully, even though I know they miss having the bigs around, it seems to be a fairly easy transition this fall compared to last fall.

Since there were so many changes going on, I had planned to keep the week open. I didn't have many activities planned, but after the first couple of days and realizing that the kids were a little bored, I broke out some of the favorites that we hadn't done since spring time. We brought out the paint rollers and painted, did corn on the cob painting, sang nursery rhymes, played games and learned shapes with our Shape Bean Bags, practiced animal sounds and read animal books about where each animal lives, and read books. Tons and tons of books! This wasn't the busiest of weeks but it was great for a transition week.

In the middle of the week we celebrated Hubs birthday AND a daycare child's birthday. Both with brownies. We were brownie-d out!

Birthday Cake Soda (so gross!).

Corn on the cob painting with orange paint because the kids complained that they couldn't see the yellow paint very well.

This next week we'll begin our fall activities!! These are by far some of my favorite activities to do each year.