Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week In Review: September 12 - September 16 & September 19 - September 23

Here's a look at our last two weeks at daycare:

I had a sick mini home with us for five days. His cold turned into a lung infection and had to have breathing treatments every four hours. He kept all of the kids entertained during his treatments.

We got new toys for the impending winter season (I stocked up early). We got new science kits, a couple of games, and some work books for the older kids.

We set up a doctor's office so the kids could play. At one point I heard "open your mouth" followed by gagging sounds. I had to remind the kids to just pretend with the doctor's "tools" (as the kids call them).

We put up the Thomas tent....that the cats promptly tried to take over. 

Speaking of cats, they're pretty good sports about things. Like being a race track for the Wheelie's and a squealing little girl.

Rest times and movies never looked cuter.

Hubs and I got a notification from Target Cartwheel one morning, notifying us of 40% of all Halloween costumes. Of course we took advantage of the deal and the whole family got costumes! Plus we got some extra goodies for the dress up clothes.

Playing the next day with some of our Halloween purchases. Everyone took turns being Ariel.

We've done a few sensory activities as well: we played with clay and made apple shapes. I must have temporarily forgot what it was like to use clay with little ones....a few of them ended up with it in their hair. That stuff is not easily washed out either!

We also played with fall play dough two days in a row. The red play dough was apple spice flavored, yellow was honey, orange was pumpkin spice, and the brown was cinnamon.

Finally, a few of our art projects:

Paper plate apples, colored with Dot Markers.

Apple prints done with an apple shaped cookie cutter and red paint.

Finger print apple trees, fall cookie cutter paintings, and Dot Marker leaf shapes.

For the next week, we'll finish up our apple theme and do a few more activities with leaves and then it will be time to start in on our Halloween activities!