Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Little Bit of Weekend

Well, it's finally happened. Since starting this blog in July, I haven't missed a day of taking pictures. I like to capture as many moments as I possibly can.  But Saturday marked the very first day I failed to take any pictures at all. Saturday was a very busy day and the five of us were in separate places the entire day.

Matt (aka-Daddy and Husband) had to work all day, the minis spent the day with Grandpa and Grandma Harmeyer, and I was baby showering it up with friends. Yes, yes, I actually took part in adult socialization. I almost didn't know how to act--something about being with toddlers all day makes one lose all social skills.

Sunday I managed to capture a few pictures during our family outing. Thank goodness for new phones with a halfway decent camera since I actually forgot to grab the camera on the way out the door (also a first in a LONG time). Sunday was rainy off and on, so our plans for a nice long walk along the trail were put off. Instead, we headed to Jordan Creek area for lunch, shopping, and running some non-important errands that I keep putting off (yes, I count buying new spring tarts at Yankee Candle an errand I keep putting off because it's not as important as food, but I love a good smelling living room!).

Here are a few photos from our Sunday Family Day:

"Top!! Top it!!" (top=stop for this 22 month old), yelled a pissy Elizabeth.
She was happy that she got to sit on daddy's lap.....the entire lunch time. Thank goodness we chose to eat at Red Robin, which is extremely kid friendly.
We went on a book buying splurge at Barnes and Noble (and a clothing splurge at Old Navy, candle splurge at Yankee basically it was just a shopping day). At 5 1/2 years old, Max still gets excited about the Thomas train table at the bookstore.
Elizabeth reading her princess books.
So you were at JC on Sunday afternoon and heard children yelling "hi!!" at random people. Yep, totally my kids.
After our nice little shopping spree, no naps, an early dinner, and baths, I let the three minis frost the cookies for a daycare baby's first birthday.

I'm happy to have gotten several of our "backburner errands" out of the way this weekend. It was pretty fantastic to spend all of Saturday at adult functions, but it seemed like an off weekend for me....apparently I'm use to spending 24/7 with my kids doing kid activities. Next weekend we begin our Easter celebrations (yes already!) and prepping for our own Easter egg hunts: one for the daycare kids and the big Easter morning egg hunt. Fun stuff ahead!