Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Fun

Another weekend full of fun in the books! Here's a look:

Saturday morning Eggstravaganza at a friend's house. The kids got to run around and play, take part in an Easter egg hunt, and meet the Easter Bunny. The boys brought the Easter bunny cards they made and Max brought the Easter Bunny carrots "in case he needs a snack."

So very typical: a freaked out little girl and two little boys more interested in what candy they got in their egg hunt than the Easter Bunny!

Big girl swinging.
Making a necklace with Daddy.....she chewed on the pasta necklace the rest of the day!
I commented to Matt that Elizabeth looks so big and like a little girl in her dress she's wearing. Matt looks in the rearview mirror and starts cracking up. Confused, I looked in the back to see Elizabeth picking her nose!
Lunch on the patio at Legend's downtown.
We stopped at the Sculpture Park to snap a few pictures of the kids so we can start designing their birthday invites. We got a few decent pictures, but it looks like we'll be returning to snap a few more.

Playing at Toys R Us while I finished up Easter shopping and getting new daycare toys. The kids were quite pleased with the trip!
An 80 degree day requires LOTS of outside playtime and grilling.

Sunday morning cinnamon and sugar Easter toast (bunnies, carrots, and an egg shape).
Working hard on painting their Easter eggs.

Matt ran our grocery errands Sunday afternoon and I spent my afternoon baking treats. Just a couple of the treats made: chocolate chocolate chip muffins and orange cream cupcakes.
After a Sunday of baking, errand running, egg decorating, and work week planning, we headed to my Aunt's birthday party.
The only time you'll see these two snuggled together is when there's cake involved!

Next weekend will be FULL of Easter celebrations, birthday parties, and lots of family time.