Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week In Review: April 14 - April 17

Our short 4 day week looked like this:

Easter egg hunt (with some snow still on the ground) in the backyard.
I was very proud of the older kids. They of course found most of the eggs and happily shared them with all of the other kids.

Opening their goodies.
Orange cream peep cupcakes.
The kids had a blast coloring these with the scented markers.

The kids painted paper eggs.
The hubs stayed awake to see the blood moon. We showed the kids the pictures and attempted to explain it to them.....I don't think they took in anything we told them!
Princess castle painting.

The kids made and painted "binoculars" to use for bird watching out the front window. This is one of their new favorite activities and this week we'll be reading books about birds.
Max talked Elizabeth into scratching his back.
Wednesday I only had one daycare child and Hubs had the day off so we did a mini field trip to Harrison's school to watching their dance recital. Harrison didn't dance at all (apparently he hates to dance at school), but the kids got to stick around and eat snack at school and play a bit. Afterwards, we stop by Franklin Field (right by the Franklin Ave. Library) and played on the exercise equipment, took a walk on the bike trail through the cemetery, played tag in the field, and picked up a pizza for lunch. Fun morning for the kids!

Coloring Easter eggs.

 The kids LOVE these water color painting pages. They did so many that all of my counter space was taken up by drying papers. I was very disappointed when I went back to Dollar Tree that night to buy a few more books of these painting pages, only to discover they were sold out. My mission this week is to find more of these.....and new paint brushes because ours are getting quite a work out from all of the paintings.

I found these at Target and I wish I had bought more. The kids had a blast with these making their "perfect Easter bunny" and then played with them.

Foam Easter stickers.

The kids did their own Easter egg hunt in the living room. I set out a basket of empty plastic eggs so they could play with them. The kids hid them all and then found them. Over, and over, and over again.

Next week we will be doing quite a few sensory activities including water beads and an "ocean" full of sea life. We'll also be doing activities and crafts involving birds, butterflies, and sea life. We'll also be welcoming a new child. I love to see the other kids helping the "new kid" out with things, showing them where toys go, and teaching them the rules. It always reminds me that no matter how much I try to teach them, they always learn more (and better) from each other.