Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week In Review: March 31 - April 4

Our week in pictures:

Music Monday.....and this week we had Music Tuesday...and Thursday....and Friday. The kids played the instruments along with their favorite kids songs ("Happy and You Know it" is their favorite).
The new markers were a huge hit this week! The kids colored a lot of cut outs and pictures this week with the "good smelly markers."

Colorful Easter eggs with scraps of paper. I put the glue on and the kids stuck on the pieces of paper.
This is how we do outside time: kids running all around the yard, toys everywhere, and a babe in the jumperoo on the patio. Good summer days ahead!
Wrestle time!
The kids colored window clings I found at Target. These turned out really cute!

I had a couple of the kids try out the Fabric markers on these bags from Dollar Tree. This upcoming week, the kids will be coloring these bags that they'll use for their Easter egg hunt!
Sea life cookie cutter painting.
Max was super excited to use his umbrella this week.
Easter egg painting.

Dinosaur cookie cutter painting.
Cleaning the fish tank was nothing less than quite interesting with the minis involved. So, when I bought the fish and all of the fishy needs, I failed to get the necessary items for when we cleaned the tank. We're resourceful people, so we resorted to using a ladle. Harrison tried first, but the fish got a little too worked up. Then Elizabeth got worked up watching the fish freak out. But in the end, we got the tank clean--and yes, it took all 5 of us.

The crumb of food that was blamed on Bubbles for being "fish poop." Getting the fish out was a messy struggle. Harrison just happened to look down at the floor as the fish was being transferred out of his tank and saw this crumb from dinner. He exclaimed "the fish pooped! Big fish poop!"
This is right before Elizabeth clapped her hands together, squealed "oh Bubble!" and tried to grab the fish. Good times.
6:45 a.m. and an entire box of Cheerios was spilled on the floor.
Playing "Find the Bunny." The kids hid a bunny under a cup, another child would rotate the cups around, and then the other kids had to guess which cup the bunny was under. No bets were taken.
Hand flowers. A couple of the older kids got to practice their cutting skills after I traced their hands.
The flowers are growing! A few are growing pretty well and a few aren't growing at all.
The kids built some cool things with the Magformers. This is a "swimming pool, but no diving board this time."
The Letter Dig sensory activity. The kids dig for different letter of the alphabet and then had to put them in the correct puzzles while identifying each letter (there were upper and lower case letters mixed in). The kids did pretty well with the activity. The two youngest kids had fun just playing in the colorful pasta noodles.

We ended our week with a pizza party.  The breadsticks and pizza sauce were the kid's favorite.

Next week, we'll be continuing with our Easter activities, celebrating a birthday, saying a goodbye, and hopefully enjoying some time in the backyard!