Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

We had a three day, busy weekend planned that turned out not to be quite as busy due to illnesses all around. Friday I had taken off for Harrison's conferences, errand running, appointments, and hanging out with the two youngest minis. Besides conferences, our Friday looked like this:

Thursday afternoon school called and informed us Max needed to be picked up. After a trip to the peds office, it was confirmed he had his first official case of pink eye. Or eyes in his case. Friday was a lounge day while I spent time deep, deep, deep cleaning.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was placing our Gap/Old Navy order. Matt discovered the joys of shopping for girls jeans. It all started when I informed him that $16 was an excellent deal for toddler girl jeans so he had to take a look for himself. His response was something like this: "boyfriend cut jeans?? What the hell? She's not even 2 yet! And distressed??? Skinny? What is this? These are HOW MUCH??"
Saturday morning lounging on the couch with much clearer eyes!
Grocery shopping is just a treat with these three......enough said.
We had 10 minutes of family time Saturday evening. It was spent enjoying our very first Snookies ice cream of the season!
After Snookies, Daddy took Harrison to a friend's birthday party at Backyard Adventures while Max, Elizabeth, and I took a walk and baked our Easter cake.

After the minis were fast asleep, the Easter bunny paid our house a visit:

Max left the Easter bunny a note and the Easter bunny wrote back!
Happy Easter morning!
Elizabeth's favorite things on Easter morning: purple sparkly shoes, gum, and her potty doll.
The Easter Bunny hid eggs high and low.
Elizabeth dressed her doll in her new jammies, gave the doll a bottle, and then set her on the potty to "go pa pa."
Putting together new Lego sets.
Trying out the new glitter markers.
The boys were super excited to  do their work books the Easter Bunny left them.
Trying out the Light Designer. Thank you Target Cartwheel for this awesome deal!
Storytime with Daddy and the new Daniel Tiger book. The youngest two minis are obsessed with "D T" as we call it.
A big Easter brunch: eggs, hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy, fresh berries, and mimosas for us adults. So yummy!

Playing some games and trying out the stomp rocket. Only one rocket ended up on the roof!

Miss E woke up from her Easter nap with pink eye, so us girls had to stay home while the boys went to Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer's. Looks like the boys should have opened up the Easter eggs before they left because a certain little girl opened them all and helped herself to a good amount of jelly beans.
Showing off their new jammies before bed.

While this wasn't quite the weekend we had planned, it turned out to be a pretty great and fun weekend (minus all of the pink eyes occurring).