Wednesday, January 4, 2023

NY Weekend

New Year's has never been a big deal for us. Many years, we've rang in the new year with close friends and family. Other years we've spent at home, just the five of us. This was one of those years. Earlier in the day, we celebrated my sister's birthday. In the evening, we introduced the minis to axe throwing at Ironside Axe Club. I guess I kept up our 'always find the adventure' theme right up until the very end of 2022.

The rest of the weekend was one of rest and renewing. The minis went to visit their grandma in the hospital and I cleaned the main living areas of the house. It has been incredibly refreshing to start the year in a clean environment! The minis and I have been home for the past ten days, so I wouldn't have gone right to clean when describing my house before the big cleaning. I spent the rest of my time writing, which is soul replenishing for me (especially during the winter).

I got zero pictures of the cotton candy champagne and sparkling cider. I got zero pictures of the meal or my sister opening presents. I did get pictures of my children, who rolled their oldest brother so tightly in a comforter he couldn't get out on his own. So, that was fun.

I reserved a lane for axe throwing NYE at 4 p.m. This was the minis first time and it was hysterical to see the youngest two attempt it. You have Elizabeth the dancer, who would throw her lightweight axe and follow it up with ballerina twirls. Then there was Harrison, who was not into it at all because he refused to try the throwing technique recommended to him. He did finally manage to get the axe on the board a few times. We had an excellent hour throwing axes and having a beer (for Hubs and I). Ironside Axe Club is so well organized and family friendly. As long as your child can lift an axe and follow simple instructions, they are allowed to throw. For only $25 per person, it's a great activity.

The first 10 minutes is instruction. Someone makes sure you have the proper axes and are throwing correctly. This was a huge help for the kids.

We played Poetry For Neanderthals, watched whatever country music thing on CBS (at Elizabeth's request), broke out the chocolate fountain, and toast with champagne and sparkling cider at midnight. It was a chill night.

This human loving kitten has been used to having someone hold him all day every day during break. So when the minis left to visit their grandma and I was trying to clean, I had to deal with him climbing my legs until I held him. The entire time I was cleaning. Somehow the house was vacuumed and well cleaned!

Hubs and minis broke out the robot ball. The kittens and dog chased it all around.

I got a lot of writing time in, while I had kittens snuggled up against me. I can't think of a better way to bring in the new year.