Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Trying Tik Toks And Schoolwork Weekend


My children have a life. My life now revolves around their social calendars. I did nothing this weekend other than supervise Tik Tok challenges and grocery shopped. Groceries for my children and their need for thousands of snacks of school each week. I don't feel completely comfortable going out and doing my own things while my children do their things. For one, at least one of them and a friend or two is at our house, so we're the ones to provide supervision. Or they're off somewhere else, requiring us to be on call for pick ups and drop offs. So, that's our weekends these days.

On this weekend, they finally did a gift exchange with friends. We had boba and pizza. There was a lot of squirrely behavior, which at this point I'm used to.

We discovered prepackaged bubble tea at Sam's Club. It's decent and much friendly on my budget than going to our local bubble tea shop.

Then they had other friends over for sleepovers. It was during this time that I learned more than I cared to know about fruit covered Jolly Ranchers. I had to buy specific reusable cupcake wrappers. I learned how long it takes to melt a Jolly Rancher. I learned how to blow bubbles with Jolly Ranchers. I also learned how to wash melted Jolly Ranchers out of hair, dish rags, and my counter top.

When my children weren't socializing, they had homework to complete (hello semester end), which I had to be available for questions. I now have my spot on the couch on the weekends and the kittens look forward to cuddles during this time. I spent so many years running and on the go with my children that I, at times, enjoy the break. At others I'm crawling up the wall to get out of the house and explore. We have yet to find a good balance for it all.

After having my house full of tweens and teens Friday and Saturday, I needed a refresher Sunday morning. I treated myself to a berry water.

The youngest came out of her room with her kitten in the daycare doll items...with a hat on. I wasn't expecting it, so naturally I laughed until I cried.