Wednesday, January 18, 2023

That Time Hackers Closed School


In this edition of The Times Have Changed, I give you a two day school closure because of a cyber security issue. In our school district's case, it brought down the entire system. My kids are still doing things "old school." They have to..gasp...use pens and paper. They couldn't reach their teachers by email anytime they wanted. My middle said it was a depressing way of living. In an effort to not sound old, I didn't reply with, "well, in my day..."

So, their unexpected days off of school left me fumbling. I had to order groceries for a quick delivery since I had extra tummies to feed (and not little tummies either!). I had to put in place a no screens rule after the first eight hours. They could earn screen time back through extra chores and doing projects around the house. That worked the first day. On the second day, the youngest chose to help with daycare and the boys took themselves on a hike on the bike trail. They wound up hiking over 6 miles, then came home and cooked. 

Extra doses of coffee for me.

While the cyber security issue closing school was unexpected, and something I didn't think about nor know the repercussions, it wasn't terrible. It gave them a couple of days off on beautiful days. That's looking at the bright side. The negative is that it pushed back our last day of school date and gave us some fun identity theft issues to deal with. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering the world I'm raising my children in.