Wednesday, January 25, 2023

5 Day Mid-January Break


As if two weeks off at Christmas and a two day break for hacking weren't enough, the minis had a five day mid-January break. I took those days off as well and we made the most of those days off! We spent one day in Minneapolis, another day hiking and watching football at a local brewery, our third day cleaning, the fourth day running errands in between working on school work (them) and Museum events (me), and the last day full of appointments. I feel refreshed and accomplished after those big five days. 

Our quick trip to Minnesota was a blast! Read about it here.

We slept in, then took a brisk three mile hike in nearby Brown's Woods. After we stuffed our faces at Barn Town Brewing and watched football. Barn Town has excellent food and fun drinks to try. We often got their family meals for take out during the pandemic, but on this day we wanted to sit in the restaurant, watch the NFL on the big screens, and enjoy the delicious food.

Sunday night I spent at the Children's Museum creating a sprinkles wall. It turned out awesome!

Cleaning, writing, and kitten snuggles. Possibly one of my favorite Mondays. After a weekend on the go, we needed a down day...or maybe it was a catch up day? Regardless, the minis and I got it all done and we had time to relax.

The boys made us lots of yummy food. From fried shrimp to salmon to roasted potatoes and veggies to pasta, we ate well on our days off. 

A very needed hair cut for the youngest. 

So many sleepy pets. You would think they're the ones on the go!

The oldest has quite the nighttime fan club. His cat and the dog both prefer to sleep with him each night.

Honestly, it would be amazing if most weekends were four or five days, so life wouldn't have the chance to sneak up on me!