Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Social Distancing Weekend 3

Hiking, walking, and watching movies. That's pretty much what our life consists of. I told my husband he isn't allowed to start any home improvement projects because, while it does seem like the perfect time, it would NOT be okay for us. See, home improvement projects usually involve him making ten thousand trips to the hardware store in one day, being grouchy at the kids for being in the way (in their own home), and not spending time with us. For my own mental health, I need him present and helping me with day to day life right now, not thrown into yet another project that will only get half done anyways. So, hiking, walking, movies, games, and puzzles it is for the win!

I introduced Elizabeth to Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I placed a grocery order, then the minis and I took a nice two mile stroll around the 'hood while Hubs finished up stuff for taxes. 

The kids looked for the painted rocks we placed along the bike path. The kids were disappointed to only see a couple that they placed.

The minis response to see people walking towards them on the bike path: "run! There's people coming by us!" They are taking the social distancing seriously.

The 11 year old: "look at all those people going someplace other than home! Lucky ducks!" I had to laugh.

We've been eating home cooked meals for the most part, but also making a point to support local restaurants a few times a week. We got a 6 pack bowl deal from Big Acai (that's only $36!). We ordered online, it was ready to go when Hubs got there, and we had a mid-afternoon snack of deliciousness.

Saturday night dance party.

Sunday was one of those slow mornings with a homemade brunch, relaxing while watching CBS Sunday Morning and Face The Nation, then setting out to walk the bike trail near our house in another direction. We didn't really pay attention to how far we were walking, veered off the trail for some exploring in nature, and then headed home. The minis complained that they were tired and their legs hurt. When we sat down for an early dinner (because they were pretty sure they were starving), we realized we had walked over five miles. I really do love carefree days like this.

They were soooo excited to see some of our painted rocks but in new places along the bike trail! I told them that means someone is obviously having fun with them and spreading the joy too.

Totally normal thing to do dance poses while you walk.

We discovered a new-to-us mountain bike trail along a creek. This was the starting off point to our nature adventure.

The minis said these trees and vines remind them of the mangrove trees in Florida. 

Exploring and getting active wherever we can.

Sunday dinner was taco night, followed by marshmallow building. We've done this before, but I gave them the instructions: our structures need to be strong enough to hold at least one Magformer. 

Harrison instantly said "I win." Apparently I need more specific directions. Max thought he was pretty clever too.

One all of our walks throughout the neighborhood lately, the minis have noticed bears in people's windows. Elizabeth insisted we put bears in numerous windows. She also felt the need to wake up at 9:00 p.m. for a second bedtime snack of granola bars and bananas.