Saturday, March 14, 2020

Nothing Like Back Home

I love traveling and seeing new places, emerging myself in the local culture, but nothing beats going back home. Especially when I'm traveling without my minis! The morning we left Utah was a bit insane, as we had a 5 a.m. flight out of SLC. We had to be at the airport by 3 a.m., but since we were an hour away in the mountains, we had to leave by 2 a.m. an d up by 1:15 a.m. Of course, we spent our Saturday relaxing, so we weren't exactly tired....but we were exhausted after one hour of sleep and a morning of flying from SLC to Denver and Denver to Des Moines. The best was picking the minis up at my parents house and being greeted by a Death By Chocolate cake (brownie and cake with chocolate frosting in between each layer).

Everything in the SLC airport was closed. I had dowloaded movies from Netflix to keep us busy. I tried to nap a bit before our flight. We flew Frontier home. It was fine, I liked some of the features of Delta's flights better, but the flights were fine. Left on time, arrived on time, and the planes were clean. Our flights were short though, less than an hour from SLC to Denver and our flight from Denver to DM was around one hour. Not much time for sleeping.

I did catch some zzz's during our layover in Denver. We grabbed breakfast and then hunkered down.
The best surprise of the day: showing up at my parents to pick up the minis and being treated to my favorite birthday cake with my favorite people. I was exhausted, but it was oh so perfect! Once we packed up the minis stuff (it took up the entire minivan), we went home. We were all tired and happy to be home. We got in cuddles and a short, late afternoon nap.

The cats were really happy to have us home! They were rather clingy for days afterwards.

It wasn't until Sunday night, after the minis were in bed, that I realized it was daycare's 9th Birthday! Big few days for celebrations and anniversaries.
I was sooo happy I took Monday off as well. I wound up sleeping the entire day while the minis were at school, got my grocery shopping done, did some writing, cleaned the house, and returned a lot of emails. It was an absolute brilliant way to end our getaway!