Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Social Distancing Weekend 1

Our spring break began Friday night, but instead of a trip to Disney or the Florida Keys or Chicago for St. Patty's festivities, we practiced social distancing. It worked out well since I can hardly take the way some human are behaving these days. Even though we were home most of the weekend, we had a great time!

Checking out some of the websites their wonderful teachers gave them access to.

Saturday Hubs and I ventured out for groceries. That was an intense experience. I typically have my groceries delivered or I pick them up. I rarely shop for my own groceries anymore. That isn't an option right now, as delivery services or pick up services in our area are backed up. We went to Trader Joe's first for most of our frozen staples and chatted with the cashiers who told us we missed the insanity of the day before. They were well organized and had employees standing in the empty sections (toilet paper, soap, baby essentials) and when they saw someone looking for something, they asked what they were looking for and then went to see if it was in the back storage area. It made everything a lot less crazy. Walmart on the other hand was bonkers to see. Empty shelves, people hoarding foods in their carts. It was a tough sight to see, but we got through it, got back home, watched movies, and made dinner.

It crushed my soul a bit to see the baby and children's medicines, food, formulas, diapers, wipes, etc. all picked over or completely out.

TJ's frozen Chinese food is pretty good for an easy at home meal.

Sunday was hiking day! We ventured to Brown's Woods and hiked all of the trails, explored before the poison ivy gets out of hand this spring, and got muddy. It felt good to run freely with the minis for an afternoon.

"You can't see me. I'm camouflaged." - Harrison

Local coffee while we hiked.

The snow boots are falling apart. Time to invest in decent hiking boots for the minis!

Surprisingly no one landed in the water.

After hiking, we got the backyard ready for spring break use. We set up the new mud kitchen location and brought out ALL of the yard toys.

Sunny days and outside time are what will keep us going in the next few weeks. Luckily, that's what keeps us going most days so it's nothing too out of the ordinary over here. Yet. I have most definitely had a headache since last Thursday trying to process everything and deal with it all changing hour by hour. I will never again take for granted the monotony of every day life and being able to have jammed packed weekends!