Friday, March 27, 2020

Social Distancing Weekend 2

Spending time outside is our saving grace in all of this. Local playgrounds are out (in fact, our city completely shut them down because people were still allowing their children to play on them) so hiking trails and bike trails are where we've spent the last two weekends. Once again, we grabbed coffee from Grounds For Celebration and then went to Gray's Lake to walk the trails. Yes, there were others around, no one was within 6 ft. of each other. Everyone smiled politely to one another, but everyone kept to themselves.

That was our big adventure out of the house, but our biggest adventure for the weekend was a 1,000 piece puzzle. It was quite the Saturday night working on the puzzle that we eventually gave up on finishing that day. Instead, we finished it up on Sunday. We chose to stay home Sunday and cleaned up the daycare room and set up the new schooling area of the room. Wild weekend, right?? 

The kids had their bacon in the middle of the slime, so they didn't have to stop to eat.

Another movie, this time while cuddling with Mom and Dad.

Getting a sunny walk in at Gray's Lake. The fresh air felt amazing.

I've been writing and journaling more than ever. It's been good for my soul and mental health.

Snuggles and dancing. So much dancing and YouTube yoga classes these days.

This 1,000 piece puzzle was no joke. We go it done though!

The minis helped me set up a homeschooling area. We put a small TV in the room to use for YouTube tutorials. Plus, all of the new-to-them books their Aunt brought over for them, maps for social studies, and science kits in the cubbies. 

Homemade pancakes. The minis have been eating an unreal amount of food. Each child ate four pancakes plus fruits and yogurt. I felt sick watching them eat it all! Of course my children would choose a pandemic to go through growth spurts!