Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Hiking Weekend #2

This was the perfect fall weekend! We got in our hikes, Mom and Dad had some time to ourselves while the minis had fun with Grandma and Grandpa, and we even got to see the new Addams Family movie. 

Friday night the minis, myself, and Hubs took a fall night walk around the 'hood to see the few Halloween houses (as we call them) fully decorated. We had planned on going the few blocks around our house, but wound up taking a pretty good walk all around our neighborhood and our old house/neighborhood. Our quick walk turned into over an hour work out walk!

Always the leader and always skipping.

Big mystery of the night: keys on the side of the road. The minis grabbed them and started pressing the panic button in hopes of locating the car.

We began Saturday at our favorite theater, Flix Brewhouse, watching Addams Family. The minis really enjoyed the movie, but claim they like the 90's version better (I concur). We got some Christmas gift ideas at Target (and Mom couldn't pass up the Pound Puppies found on an end cap) then dropped the minis off for the afternoon and night with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Max insisted on having his picture taken at the Joker photo booth (and requested I send him the pic). I'm going to guess he's going to brag to his friends that he got to see this movie (in reality, it was Addams Family).

We took advantage of no kids and went for coffee, pupusas, and a hike at Chichaqua Bottoms. I had hoped for a longer hike (that didn't consist of whining), but most of the trails were closed due to hiking. Regardless, it was a crisp, perfect late afternoon hike through the prairie.

Yummiest pupusas and plantains at El Salvador del Mundo

After hiking, we got ready and went for dinner and margaritas as El Fogon. All local, fresh restaurants for the day for us. It was all phenomenal! 

Sunday morning we grabbed the minis from their sleepover and went hiking at Jester Park. We hadn't been there since springtime, when it was completely flooded. There was still plenty evidence of the flooding, but we got in a good hike on our favorite trail with little to no complications.

Boots and winter coats were a must on this chilly hike.

This was all under water last time we were here. A lot of downed, water logged trees along the trail still.

Stand off. I can't remember what they were discussing, but it usually is Dad trying to explain something and Elizabeth saying, "whatever. You never know."

We wouldn't let her cross this stream because it was a tad too deep and the logs unsteady. She cried until we got further upstream to a place she could easily cross.

She crossed the stream on the rocks at least twenty times if not more.

Matt making fun of the minis jumping over the streams.

"Look I found a hiking stick," Elizabeth exclaimed, moments before she whipped it around and hit Matt. 

A bowl full of glitter sat on my table all weekend. The reason was never determined, but I'm pretty confident I know which mini it belonged to. 

Sunday is supposed to be Chili Day, but someone (no idea who, but probably the person who makes the grocery list) forgot to get the ingredients for the weekend's chili. So, we stopped by Wendy's on our way home from Jester Park and picked up bowls of chili instead. It was the perfect after hiking treat.