Sunday, October 20, 2019

Skip The Baby Classes, Go Learn How To Take A Picture Instead

It's the middle of October and I still have yet to take one great picture of my children and myself. By great, I mean one that's frameable. One that has us all looking in the same general direction, one that doesn't make my ass look like five times its normal size, one where someone isn't crying or asking when we're done, and one that has a decent back drop to it. The year is almost done and I have yet to get that one great picture.

That is in part due to my husband.

Apparently he never learned how to point a cell phone and take an okay-ish picture. Now, I have hundreds of cuter than shit pictures of our children and him.

Adorable, right? They're all smiling and laughing. With gorgeous fall leaves.

Here's the scenery for our pictures and then this is what I got.

What in the actual fuck?? Us and the parking lot??

When I asked for a re-take it resulted in tears from the minis, so a re-take was skipped. 

I want freaking pictures of my children laughing and smiling with me. Honestly a pretty typical day for us. But I have none of those. I see no other choice than to hire a professional photographer to follow my children and myself around for the next two months just so I can get a damn decent picture.

It can't just be my husband/partner/significant other that sucks at this. In fact, I know it's not since it's been a hot topic on Mom's Night Out. I really wish we had skipped the How To Care For A Baby class and did a How To Take A Picture Of Mom and Her Child(ren) class. Why don't hospitals offer those for parents-to-be? This would have come in much more handy and would be useful for the rest of our lives. Baby care only lasts what, twelve months. Twelve months of knowledge vs. a life of knowledge. I'll let you decide what is more useful because it should be pretty evident what I vote for.