Thursday, October 3, 2019

3 Day September Weekend

Riding on the roller coaster The Phoenix on Saturday.

We all had a three day weekend thanks to some fenagling and some rain. The minis had a no school day and I took the day off. The original plan was to go to the pumpkin patch, but as usual, plans changed after the oldest was home sick most of the week and the day was rainy. Hubs had some things shifted around at work and he wound up with the day off as well. We spent a good amount of time indoors all three days and an unusual (for us) amount of time at home. Friday we went to Smokey Row for coffee and lunch and were home for the rest of the day. We did start our scary movie marathon that we continue through all October. This year the minis got in on our scary movie fest and watch their first scary movie ever: the original Halloween. Not surprisingly, the oldest stopped watching and got scared while the younger two loved it! While it wasn't the day I had planned at all, it wasn't too shabby.

The cat made herself comfy in the fresh out of the dryer laundry.

Smokey Row for pumpkin lattes, Shirley Temples, and lunch. This place was BUSY! We made the mistake of going on a no school day for the kids, but an in-service day for the teachers. We ran into a lot of teachers taking their break that day!

We made Friday our Chili Day for the weekend, since we didn't know what the rest of the weekend would bring (yay rainy fall weather here in Iowa). We went with a BBQ chili for our new chili of the week and it opened to okay reviews. Only one of us loved it, two hated it, Hubs and I stomached it.....but then ordered pizza after the kids went to bed as we continued our scary movie marathon.

Saturday morning we made use of the sunny skies and spent our day riding coasters before heading to daycare's baby's first birthday party!

The minis have loved riding Adventureland's newest coaster The Phoenx all summer long. I finally got in my first ride on the last open weekend at the park for the season.

They refer to Andrew as "our baby," meaning their baby.

Sunday was uber productive for me...minus the crazy eye fun early Sunday morning as I relaxed in bed. My Elizabeth is always good for weird fun. In addition to freaky eyes I planned our next vacay for the end of the month and planned our (the Des Moines Children's Museum) next big event. I was making so much progress that I even went shopping for Halloween items for the event. Dollar Tree has some awesome items this holiday season!

Prepping (mentally) for a mom and minis trip to New Mexico at the end of October. Luckily, it won't be me and my three by myself. I talked a friend into coming with us.

Sunday afternoon nail painting.

Cauldrons from Dollar Tree.