Wednesday, October 23, 2019

5 Favorites From My Week

Trying Mug Cake for the first time.

1.) They're completely unhealthy, but I was looking for something quick for a special dessert one night and bought a pack of Betty Crocker Mug Cakes. O.M.G. Ridiculously good. I totally bought a variety of kinds to keep in the cupboard for special dessert nights.

2.) The fall weather brings out all the eczema problems. Lauren told me about Cortizone 10 Eczema cream, so we tried it out. One use and the oldest's eczema looked 100% better! We still have to do our usual Aquaphor and Curel lotion regime, but with the Cortizone 10 added to the mix, the eczema is under control.

3.) I'm soooo behind on TV shows, but I saw a preview for Modern Love, watched the first episode and was hooked. Binge watched it in 3 nights.

4.) As always, this time of year is filled with Curious George Boo Fest for daycare. The kids love it! We were also pleasantly surprised to see a new George movie, Curious George: Royal Monkey. Not as beloved as Boo Fest, but at least we haven't seen it hundreds of times.

5.) I love the Lumineer's newest album III. Released last month, not only is the music great, but the music tells a story that you must listen to. Absolutely amazing artists. How I haven't seen them in concert yet is beyond me.