Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Year's Weekend

We're still recovering from the holidays over here and just now getting back into our everyday life routine. As I put these pictures on here I got the feeling this was forever ago, despite it being a mere week ago. Crazy! New Year's weekend was all about family. I had family (aunts, uncles, and cousins) in town on my dad's side of the family, so we made sure to spend plenty of time with all. We had a big family Christmas that lasted all day on Saturday. On Sunday the minis went to Grandma and Grandpa's while Hubs and I participated in a cousins movie afternoon to see Vice followed by a family dinner. Monday I was up before the birds and at the Museum to set up for our first New Year's at Noon party, checked out the new location for the Museum, and spent  NYE at home with the minis. New Year's Day was spent lazing around, napping, and getting the house daycare ready.

I've never been a big New Year's person, but it was fun spending the evening talking about our goals and what we wanted to accomplish in 2019.

Friday evening was spent taking down the Christmas tree (so we could put it on the curb to be taken away) so I went ahead and took down the Christmas decorations since the storage bins were out anyways. Less that I'd have to do later, or so my lazy self reasoned. The minis played with the balloons and party items from our daycare NY celebration that day. Since Hubs and I were busy, they got creative when their balloons got stuck on the ceiling.
Elizabeth got a hold of my phone and started vlogging apparently. These were too funny not to share!

She also figured out how to vlog using Max's Kindle.

Saturday morning coffee date at Friedrich's before our fourth Christmas of the season. I heard giggling and Harrison whispered, "mom, this table says sex!"

A variety of beverages for lunch and my hand painted ornament done by my grandpa. I love seeing which ornaments everyone gets each Christmas.
The rowdy table for Christmas lunch
Again, the selfies and vlogs from this girl made me laugh.

What Harmeyer family Christmas looks like: chatting, drinking, and laughs.
More selfies on Sunday....obviously she's not getting her own phone for a very, very long time.

Sunday night we were all tired from two long days with family. We brought home movie theater popcorn (the best kind) and got Starbucks. Yes, that was their dinner and I have no regrets about it.

Since I helped plan the New Year's At Noon party at my e Des Moines Children's Museum, I felt the need to help out with the event. I feel guilty every time I plan something and can't be there, so I try my hardest to be around. The event was a hit! I love seeing my ideas come to life and enjoyed by people in our community.
The minis weren't thrilled about being at the Museum (they really prefer it when we go after hours and they get all of the toys to themselves), but they did enjoy the photo/selfiebooth.

They also discovered the stickers on the camera on my phone. Fun stuff. I only included a few photos of that because I didn't think you'd need to see 75 different photos of my minis making weird 

After the party (and lunch at Jimmy John's) we took a tour of the new location for the Children's Museum! We're super excited about the move even though it needs cleaned out from the previous owners. Our children all had fun running around, playing tag and hide n' seek, while we (the board members) made plans. Lots and lots of plans.
We got home late afternoon and that's where we stayed. We made meatless meatballs, lil smokies and mashed potatoes, veggie tray, and brownies for our NYE snacks. It was an all around laid back night. We watched a movie, watched Taylor Swift's Reputation on Netflix (and Elizabeth showed off some dance moves), and did an early NYE countdown at 9 p.m. so Lil Miss E could go to bed. We allowed the boys to stay up until midnight, but after about 10:30 it a steady stream of "how many more minutes until midnight?" "Do you want to go to bed?" "No, just tell me how many more minutes until midnight it is now."
Needless to say, we stayed home all of New Year's Day and the minis napped to make up for lost sleep. NY Day was all about making our 2019 To Do List and Goals. 

We're super excited parents. Clearly.
We watched (at the minis request) a Fuller House countdown. They drank sparkling wine and Hubs and I had champagne. Then I instantly got a headache and dozed on the couch until midnight, when we told the sleepy boys "happy New Year" and sent them to bed. 

Of course it wouldn't be a special night without one meltdown. Just a small one that was put to rest when the little one went down to rest. Easy peasy.

Notice that big yawn coming from Max, Harrison's glassy eyes, and the cat that's asleep on Hubs who also has his eyes closed. Big party over here.