Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A 3 Day, Cold Weekend At Home

Do you know what happens when mom doesn't feel well and has been sick all week? You stay home. And we did nearly all weekend. Our big adventure out of the house was to Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer's house to celebrate grandpa's birthday. I took plenty of time to rest, sleep, and not cook. The minis spent a good amount of time playing games and watching Hulu.

Netflix on the Kindle, yogurt, and Scooby Snacks from Northern Light Pizza. I treated myself to a White Claw since I felt nearly human by Friday night.

Reading books on the couch Saturday morning.

Acting class was cancelled due to weather so I curled up in bed reading my books and fighting with a cat over my pillow.


It was great to get out of the house for a few hours on Sunday. Elizabeth finally talked me into curling her hair for Grandpa Sheaffer's birthday (she had been asking all week for me to do it, but between a busy week and me not feeling well, it didn't happen). We mostly played board games all afternoon, but Hubs and I did break away for a short bit to grab some groceries at the store kidless.

I love her hair!

Sunday night football. We were rooting for the Chiefs and watched the suspenseful end.

Monday was MLK Day and I took the day off to spend with the minis. I was planning on a Mom and Minis Day of Fun. I gave them plenty of options: bowling, roller skating, ice skating, museums, etc. They informed me they didn't want to leave the house! At this point, I had only left the house once in a week and really wanted to spend the day doing something.
I finally talked them into a walk around the mall by bribing them with clothes from Old Navy and shopping at Target. While it wasn't my first choice, it was far from terrible. Plus, we got our favorite Chinese take out afterwards to eat at home.

We took the opportunity to pick out Valentine's cards.

The minis discovered celebrity gossip magazines. I flipped through one and realized I didn't know who half of these people were. I'm officially that "uncool" mom.

Practicing flips and tap dances.

The minis and I were so prepared for the short school week, that turned into a shorter school week when we got two snow days. Our three day weekend turned into a 5 day weekend. Read about our Snow Days here.