Thursday, May 3, 2018

Earth Day Weekend

We got to spend a gorgeous Earth Day outside in the sunshine! Saturday we spent at the Children's Museum making sure the Earth Day activities ran smoothly (yay for programming!), followed by Bauder's Pharmacy ice cream and grilled cheeses, a walk around the Pappajohn Sculpture Park, and egg hunting at Water Works Park. Sunday we got to enjoy at the Blank Park Zoo celebrating my nephew's birthday and stuffing our faces with cake in the evening for my mother-in-law's birthday. A weekend that felt like spring was just what we needed!

I walked through the mall to get coffee before I opened the Museum and caught sight of these fairytale can creations. I watched them for a several minutes putting them together. Good thing I arrived early!

When you mention to your daughter that her shirt is backwards and that she'll need to fix it, make mention when and where she should fix it. She might try to fix it in the middle of everyone and everything....

First time at Bauder's. Simple and delicious sums this place up. We had a great time talking with the two staff who were doing a magnificent job running all around. The Buddha bars are my favorite!

We had yet to see the newest sculpture in the park. While cloudy, it was at least warm enough to spend some time outdoors and downtown! Two of our favorite things.

We looked and looked for almost two hours and came home empty handed. While we didn't find any of the handmade glass eggs hidden around Water Works Park, we still had tons of fun exploring. Remind me not to wear my nice clothes while exploring outdoors!

Covered in burs! This coat did not make it easy to remove them!

The Blank Park Zoo does an amazing job with birthday parties! I was very impressed with the offerings and how they easily moved the party along.

Free train rides!

Happy Birthday Grandma Sheaffer!

When you can end the weekend shirtless, in comfy shorts, and boots, you know it's been a good two days....according to a seven year old!