Friday, May 4, 2018

Jam-Packed Weekend

There's something about spring and summer that makes me want to go, go, go. And that's just what we did. Mid-week I was really excited for the weekend because it was going to be sunny and gorgeous outside (something Iowa has lacked on it's weekends). We still had yet to get a good hike in for the year! Then a sick mini happened. I was convinced that we were going to be forced to spend the weekend at home, inside, with sick minis. Somehow, we got lucky and everyone was good to go for our weekend! A weekend that was going to be full of busy, then cancelled because of possible sick kids, opened up to a weekend of fun!

I spent my Friday night researching and writing. I finished my big article for the week (102 Things To Do Outdoors In Central Iowa), sent emails, and cleared my writing backlog. In my research I came across Prairie Meadows calendar. I'm thinking the Weiner Dog Races are a MUST!

Early morning showing of Avengers: Infinity War. The great: eating brunch and drinking mimosas while watching the movie. The bad: drinking mimosas, getting a migraine from drinking mimosas, and spending the afternoon in bed with a migraine. The good: resting helped my migraine and then spending the evening with family celebrating my aunt's birthday.

Sunday we started the day out at my cousin's graduation party. It gave me an excuse to wear my new sandals and dress I got for meetings.

Barnes Place in Adel is the perfect location for gatherings of any kind: parties, weddings, reunions, etc. Not only was the facility unique and gorgeous, there was plenty to keep the minis busy during the party. Outside space to walk around and games to play. We had a great time!

We dropped the oldest off at a friend's for a play date in the afternoon and we went out to Saylorville. Our intended spot was the butterfly garden, but it was completely bare with work being done to it. So, we took our first hike for the year! An unmarked trail that leads to the beach was perfect, minus the difficult rock scrambling.

On the way home we had just enough time to quickly check out Johnston's new Terra Park. Very cool climbing equipment, minus a couple of design flaws....

There are numerous signs all over the park that state this equipment is designed for 5 - 12 year olds. My (almost) 8 year old was climbing these and when we got to the platform there wasn't enough room for him to squeeze himself through. There wasn't enough room in between the climbers and the blue beam to fit a small 8 year old??? I can't imagine some of this being used by an older child. Plus,  a few of the platforms were so small they could barely fit two younger kids on it. Overall, the two minis had fun playing for a short time.

We ended our busy day with a family pizza party. Sunny, simple weekends when we adventure are pretty much my favorite. Our jam-packed weekend accomplished that completely.