Sunday, April 29, 2018

Take A Good Look At Your Bad Habits BEFORE You Become A Parent

I've got plenty of bad habits. Loads of them. They come back at you full force when you're a parent too.

An expert smart ass who doesn't know when to stop? Who just keeps pushing and pushing pushing? Yep, got one of those.
A drama queen? Yep, one of those too.
A storyteller? Check to that too.

But then there's the bad habits that go beyond personality traits. When I was younger I loved gum. I chewed gum all of the time. The same piece of gum over multiple days. I stuck it anywhere I could, but my #1 place was the top of my entertainment shelves in my bedroom. My parents HATED it. They would constantly tell me to stop, but I never did. 

Years later when they offered my old bedroom furniture to me, the top shelves was filled with gum remnants. No matter how much they or I scrubbed it, the bits of gum residue would not come off. Gross. I'm almost gagging recounting it.

So, naturally, I have a gum saver. On bowls, plates, walls. It drives me CRAZY! I can't tell you how many pieces have been forgotten on plates and gotten stuck in our sink. 

I have a feeling I should have totally expected this. 

Bottom line: before you have kids, think good and hard about those little bad habits you had (or have) because your kids could have them too.