Sunday, April 15, 2018

Family Game Night

Our plans for Saturday consisted of getting the basement prepped for severe weather season, emptying out the toy storage room(s), and getting ready for our 2018 basement revamp. Our goal is to put an egress window is, build new shelving for toy storage, and create a Big Kid Only area for the school age kids this summer. Surprisingly, the minis happily let us work while they did their own organizing. We told them that if they let us work (and helped us when we asked), we'd take them out to dinner.

Mid-afternoon the minis came to us and said, "let's get take out and do a family game night at home!" OKAY! 

I told them to get the games together that they wanted and we agreed upon Tasty Tacos for dinner. They had one request for us: "grab some cookies from HyVee." So we did. We found at why when we were told to make our way to the daycare room for Sheaffer Family Game Night.

They really got creative with the games we played! It wasn't our typical checkers, chess, or the ever faithful Candyland. Instead they had us start the night with darts (played on the magnetic dart board that was propped against the wall), a cookie walk, and Old Maid. We didn't get further than Old Maid because there was soooo much laughter and jokes that just those three games took a fair amount of time. 

Alexa had issues. We had to stop using her after this round.

Anxiously waiting to hear what number will be called out.

I was so impressed with their planning of game night and their creativity. They thought of everything!

The moment we found out our five year old is a card shark....apparently the boys have taught her how to play A LOT of card games. She won at Old Maid every time. I cracked up at her organizing her cards on the floor "so absolutely no one can see them!"

Before we knew it, it was bedtime. The other games will be saved for another game night. I'm especially looking forward to their version of Musical Chairs. Can't wait to see how that one goes!