Wednesday, April 11, 2018

That "Boring" Drive Home After A Vacation

To say we were all disappointed to leave Florida is an understatement. As soon as we left Highlands Hammock State Park (read about our adventure here), the craziness of the vacation hit me. I spent the rest of that day and all of the next exhausted and napping as frequently as I could in the car. The minis were so sad about the whole 'end of vacation thing' that they instantly nixed our plans to go hiking at Springer Mountain in Georgia (something that the oldest mini had put on our trip To Do List) and our vacation ender of going up into the Arch in St. Louis. Instead, we spent a night in Macon, GA and a night with cousins in Carbondale, IL. Spending time with cousins was definitely the right move, plus we made it home in good time on the very last day of vacation.

Nothing beats hotel bed jumping.

Raining in Georgia to fit our moods. I slept through the drive through Atlanta (we actually went around as much as we could). Thank goodness we didn't go into Atlanta on this rainy day because the traffic looked CRAZY! 

A ten hour day in the car makes us a bit crazy. Hubs took some bad country roads in Illinois that were perfect for pretending they were on a roller coaster.

We started our trip visiting the youngest cousin and ended it the same way. It really did make our vacation and took away our end of vacation blues.

We ate breakfast at Harbaugh's Cafe. Of course the last couple of days of vacation we our worst (as in bad for us) eating days filled with fried, fast foods. These were also the days that the minis ate the most. Max successfully polished off three huge pieces of french toast, 4 pieces of bacon, and a cup or oranges. The minis still talk about our breakfast at Harbaugh's and have asked to go back.

Uncle Matt made her cry, but Aunt Ashley came to the rescue.

My children wore their pajamas to breakfast. I had given up caring at this point in the trip.

Our drive home wasn't as fun filled the same kind of adventures as our drive to and through Florida, but it had a simplicity that made our vacation complete. We came home from vacation slightly tired, but mostly rejuvenated for our every day life. And make no mistake, we're already thinking about that next great adventure.