Friday, January 12, 2018

Hair Cuts, A Birthday, and Family Fun Day

A hair cut, a birthday party, and a family fun day....otherwise recognized as the first weekend in January 2018. We're still recovering from being sick, so we tried to keep the weekend lower key, but not too low key since we had been stuck inside all of Christmas break.

New hair! Same length, different color. I'm absolutely terrible about getting my hair done, so whenever I do I feel like a whole new person.

Saturday night we partied it up at Aunt Jenny's (my sister) birthday party. Elizabeth tried cheesecake for the first time and did not approve. Check out the video I couldn't help but post here.

Sunday morning was pretty slow going. I woke up to find a note posted on my big mirror from the oldest. This is how he requests brunch at Americana. Unfortunately for him we already had plans to try out a newly opened restaurant, Gastro Grub. Americana will have to wait for another weekend.

Gastro Grub was an excellent decision. They have a great menu (including great vegetarian and vegan options) and even better drinks. We happily ordered drinks, watched football, and tried various menu items. The kids weren't thrilled with our choice of afternoon entertainment, so after our late lunch we took them to the Science Center followed by Starbucks.

As Elizabeth joyfully played with the bubbles, I was instantly reminded of a special picture I captured on St. Patrick's Day four years ago. 

"Wow mom, you are NOT very strong at all," said the smart ass nine year old.

And that was that. The next two weekends are three day weekends for the minis and me! We haven't completely decided what to do, but I'm not worried we'll be bored!