Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year's Weekend

So, just like Christmas, we spent New Year's sick. I actually didn't get out of bed for nearly 24 hours, while our couch and Netflix were also shown a lot of love. The positive to sick is that I got a lot of movies, books, and podcasts crossed off my watch/listen list, which would not have happened had I not been sick. I"m still bummed that we missed out on Sheaffer Christmas and our night with friends for NYE, but at the very end of the weekend, I was feeling better and got to meet my new niece when she stopped by for a visit.

Fevers, coughs, and nose blowing is what the weekend mostly consisted of.

These two opened their presents from cousins via video. Elizabeth is obsessed with her new mermaid blanket!

The cat wouldn't move off of my lap so I set the plate of pasta on him. He didn't even notice and kept right on napping.

The cats were soooo happy to have so many of us simply resting all weekend long. They spent the weekend keeping our feet and laps warm.

The boys got to go to the newest Star Wars movie. Max had patiently waited all of break to go.

I should say that Elizabeth isn't the only one who loves her mermaid blanket....

I used the energy I had NY Day to take the ornaments off of the tree and clean the house. Actually, the kids helped with the ornaments. I went to put the lid on the bin and put it in storage until next year, when I looked down and saw the deer jaw. Apparently we're keeping it.

Elizabeth, Harrison, and I had yet to meet Nora because we were sick. We finally got to meet and snuggle with her and it pretty much made my weekend/Christmas break.

While I wish we all hadn't been sick from Christmas Eve until New Year's Day, looking at the positives: we got a lot of rest, I took that break I don't always take, and I got to see all of those movies I always say I want to watch (and I introduced the minis to some classics), so it wasn't all bad.