Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fake Snow Day

We got a snow day!! Although it was a complete fake out because we barely got any snow and the weather wasn't as terrible as predicted. However, I was thrilled to have a snow day this year since last year's weather was so mild and we never even got a bad weather day. That's pretty crazy for Iowa!

The minis and I thoroughly enjoyed our day. We had muffins for breakfast, baked chocolate chip cookies for snack, played library, took a "relax" on the couch, did a science experiment (that turned into a sensory activity), ate Tasty Tacos for dinner, and watched Sweet Home Alabama to end the day.

Jammies and playing all day. The minis were pretty disappointed to be missing library time at school today. As soon as they woke up and found out it was a no school day (oddly they woke up earlier than usual) they set up their "library" in the daycare room and spent the morning reading books.

The door was my favorite part. Throughout the morning new signs were added, a few paper airplanes, and a string maze. 

While the "library" thrived with imagination, I tested out a new vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe. My testers more than approved, but we did have to have a discussion about their confusion about eating ALL of the cookies. I heard many protests of "but they're vegan mom! We can eat them all!" Um, no.
Here's the recipe I used (minus the nuts because the oldest is allergic).

So many records were played throughout the day. Mostly Beatles, but also The Who, Peter Paul and Mary, and Mitch Miller.

They got creative with the putty (Harrison made lips and Max played "attach of the slime monster" with his Lego mini figurines).

The highlight of the day was when they started a science kit (that we bought last weekend at the Science Center), but we didn't have all of the items needed. We did have baking soda and expired Coke (long story there, but we aren't drinking it). The oldest wanted to do his "classic Coke and baking soda experiment." Unfortunately, the Coke was too flat, they grabbed vinegar, and before I knew what was happening, their experiment was turned into a sensory activity. It kept them busy for two-ish hours so no complaints here!

The two youngest minis and I watched Sweet Home Alabama over Christmas break when we were sick. The oldest hadn't seen it and was feeling a bit left out. So, we ended our day with Tasty Tacos and Sweet Home Alabama on Hulu. No complaints here.

Actually, the night ended with the video below. Elizabeth was soooo excited to hear Puff The Magic Dragon earlier while listening to the Peter Paul and Mary record and informed me she sings and does a dance to it in music class. Then this ensued on the couch:

For the record, I'm still not quite sure what she meant by she swallowed her throw up, but yep. She's extra special and knows how to keep things interesting and she's all mine.

So, the weather outside wasn't exactly frightful, everything inside was delightful. Oh, and I'm good on snow days until next year now.