Thursday, January 25, 2018

Dinner Table Adventures: The Tale of Spaghetti Squash and Shitty Pants

You might have seen my Instagram video that showed my sobbing five year old crying about, mmm...nothing. Absolutely nothing. She simply spent the first ten minutes of dinner crying. Then she was fine. Completely and mind-boggling fine.

I would be shocked, but "interesting" things happening during dinner time seems to be the theme this week. Monday night a mini gagged on a lima bean and nearly lost all of their dinner all over the table. We had to resort to a 'no more talking to each other' rule when the other two ganged up on the near puker because they were worried he was going to ruin their dinner by "puking all over our plates."

The next night was our detailed discussion about hens reproductive organs and we had to ease fears that any eggs we had in our refrigerator WOULD NOT turn into baby chickens overnight. For real, a half hour of our family dinner was taken up talking about chickens. Then we have sob fest night.

That brings us to tonight. Dinner was spaghetti squash mixed with vegetable pasta (because they don't like "just plain spaghetti squash") with homemade tomato sauce, green beans, and peaches. Everything was great until the middle mini decided he couldn't stomach spaghetti squash. I informed him he would have to eat (as he has done hundreds of times before) if he wanted his small bowl of treats (M & M's and a few Twizzlers are huge treats in this house). We were treated to another gagging incident.

While the oldest laughed at him, he suddenly stopped, his eyes grew huge, and he said, "I think I pooped my pants from laughing!" This sent the other two into fits and giggles, as I rolled my eyes, looked at my husband and said, "all I want to do is actually eat my dinner." Thankfully it was a false alarm ("toots and poops are a lot alike," or so I'm told) and there was no more gagging, choking, or shitting incidents and everyone got their treats.

Can't wait to see how dinner goes tomorrow night.

Here's a quick video of only part of the hens and roosters discussion we had. Clearly it was near bedtime.