Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Biggest Christmas Surprise

Back in November I had my kids write their Christmas lists. I took one look at the lists and knew we would not be getting anything from the lists. Sounds horrible, right? Well, I can definitely tell you they don't need anymore American Girl dolls, massive Lego sets, or Hatchimals.  Hubs and I had already decided to gift them an experience for Christmas. A rather expensive experience:

To go along with their experiences on our trip, we got them things they could use on our big road trip: books to read in the car, DVDs to watch, games to play, spring clothes, car snacks that made excellent stocking stuffers, and a few small toys we knew they'd enjoy (such as beach Lego sets and a couple of educational toys to be used over break at daycare). I had a good feeling about their gifts, mostly because I knew they'd be surprised about the spring break trip.

However, as Christmas approached I began to worry. Even a bit of nervousness set in. They weren't getting anything they had asked me for or the six Santa's we saw this year. I wondered if ignoring their lists was the right move. I mean, what if I screwed up and left them scarred for life? What if they left Christmas thinking Santa doesn't even bring what they want? First world problems, I'm well aware.

Christmas morning came and found the minis loving everything single thing they got. They were THRILLED with their trip, the books they got, the toys, the Lego's, even every small thing in their stockings. All day long we received thank you's and hugs. We heard many times, "ooohhh, I'm so excited for our trip!" Not once did they mention the things they didn't get, but wanted.

As we tucked them into bed that night, each child took us aside separately and told us: "thank you for the best Christmas ever! It was great!" Now let's recap our Christmas: the oldest mini was sick, I was exhausted and took two naps, they received zero toys/books/games they asked for. Yet, it was their best Christmas ever. 

I'm not sure if it's the extreme gratitude they displayed or the fact that I made a good "mom call" on the gifts we gave. Either way, I'm fairly certain we all went to bed with our hearts three sizes bigger.