Saturday, December 9, 2017

Mad Props To The Working Moms For One Simple Reason

The past four weekends the minis and I have been volunteering at the newly opened Des Moines Children's Museum (temporary location in Valley West Mall). For four weekends we've had to get up, eat a healthy breakfast, pack snacks for mid-day, get everyone ready (and because my children seem to be soooo confused in this area, brushing teeth is part of getting ready), get out the door and to our destination on time. It's been.....well, it's been something. The actual volunteering part has gone smoothly. Getting out of the house? Mmm, not so much.

For the past seven years I've been living the work-at-home life (read about that here). I get ready (usually just in sweats or lounge pants and sweatshirts because, yeah, I'm trying to keep up with kids all day), open daycare, help my kids get ready, and send them off to school. Oh yeah, and we live four houses away from their school, so like, they don't have far to go. It takes them five minutes to walk from our front door into their classrooms.

I've never had to wake up hours before my work day started, get myself and kids ready, and out the door to our respective places (daycare/work/school/etc.). I have to imagine that if that was the case, I'd never get to work on time....oh who am I kidding, I probably wouldn't even make it out of the door half of the time. A lot of women do that FIVE days a week! FIVE! I've done it for four days in the last four weeks and it's been rough.

I literally shaved my legs this morning while shouting at my kids to eat their breakfast faster, combed my daughter's hair while putting my shirt on, and had to go back inside for forgotten items not once, not twice, but four times. I can't imagine doing that crap daily. I'd be curled up in a ball crying after the first week...if I made it a week, that is.

Mad props to the working moms who do this every day.