Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"Can You Please Not Fight On Christmas Eve Eve This Year?"

Much like others, we spent much of December 23rd getting the house ready for Christmas festivities and running a few last minute errands. The kids, of course, were around for it all. We were in the yogurt section at Trader Joe's and my husband impatiently asked me to hurry up. I must have (I really don't remember) snapped back quickly and told him to wait....I needed to find the perfect coconut milk yogurt for my banana bread. 

Our middle child rolled his eyes and dramatically said, "can you guys not fight on Christmas Eve Eve this year please???"

"What?" I asked. I really had no idea what he was talking about.

"You guys got into a big fighting about paintings last year on Christmas Eve Eve and neither of you were right. Max was right actually. Is there going to be another fight?"

My husband and I looked at each other, kind of giggling, but mostly in shock, trying to think all the way back to Christmas Eve Eve 2016. We wracked our brains trying to remember the fight he was referring to. Apparently, we learned after questioning him further, we remembered a bit of a disagreement we had about the paintings the kids did last year for grandparents. It was such an insignificant fight that we completely forgot about it.

However, it did become a joke for the weekend. Even the kids got on board with it.

Whenever some kind of "conflict" surfaced, we joked about it turning into a fight:

Me: Matt, did you clean the toilet?
Hubs: No....
Me: That's it, fight time.
Every child (and us) cracks up.

The funny part is, the middle one fully expected a fight to ensue with every little disagreement.

Me: Will you hand me the dishtowel?
Hubs: I can't reach it right now.
Harrison: Are you guys going to fight now?

Maybe we don't fight in front of our kids enough if the middle child remembers an incredibly insignificant "fight" we had on Christmas Eve Eve 2016.....but it's now forever going to be the butt of bad jokes for Christmases to come.