Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fun Fall Weekend

Another FUN weekend in the books! It was a perfect fall weekend for our adventures.

Friday night was a pizza party and piano practice at my parent's house. I love that my kids are playing on the piano that my grandma bought and the one that I learned to play piano on. 

On Saturday, Hubs insisted on doing yard work, so the minis and I headed off for a Mom and Mini Day. We started our day at the Art Center seeing the new Drawing In Space exhibit. This was an amazing interactive exhibit that will be at the Des Moines Art Center until January 21.

An art exhibit made entirely out of packaging tape that you can crawl through!

It was hard to beat crawling around in the exhibit, but we took a stroll through the rest of the Art Center after. During our Mother's Day trip to Chicago, we went to the Art Institute. It wasn't the best trip (we had to cut our time way short), but I'm shocked to see everything the minis remembered from our quick visit.

When we came to the picture below (at the Des Moines Art Center), both boys wanted a picture with it (no flash, obviously) because "it's definitely by that same guy who painted that Night picture." They were referring to Edward Hopper's Night Hawks at the Art Institute. Apparently both boys love that picture.

The Art Center was followed by lunch at Tasty Taco's and hiking at Jester Park.

We parked at the Jester Park Playscape area since it's close to the trail head. As we walked to the trail head, the minis pointed out the elks, "look mom! What are those animals?" Elk children. They're elk. We only saw thousands of them this summer in Yellowstone. Sigh.

They're faces crack me up.

Races across the bridge.

I have an issue with coffee mugs. I found half a dozen I "need" at Target. I only came home with two.

The minis got their own Lush baths. The rocket was a favorite.

Sunday we had a family reunion at Legion Park. The minis played for a few hours then went Halloween costume shopping. We had a Poppy, Flash, and Kylo Ren.

The new mugs and cat Halloween house that we just had to get. So far the cats could care less about it.

I'll take more weekends like this one please!