Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Gross Stuff Kids Do

Kids do gross stuff. I've come to terms with that. I actually expect it and mostly, don't bat an eye to it anymore. I kindly give reminders like "we don't share toothbrushes," or "we should spit in each other's mouths," and "let's not lick the (insert arbitrary household object here)." Once you're a parent you become accustomed to lines like this, but that doesn't necessarily make them any less gross. And it still doesn't make it any less surprising when I witness it.

Take for example, the other night. We had gotten done at a trick or treating event and we stopped by a restaurant for take out black bean burgers. As we waited for our food, the minis got to have one piece of candy from their loot. Elizabeth chose a caramel apple sucker. One of those that the sucker is green apple flavor and there's caramel around it to eat first (I loved them as a kid, but they kinda make me gag at the sight of them now). The only issue is that she doesn't like the caramel on the sucker.

She told me she didn't like it, but opened up the sucker anyway and popped it in her mouth. I didn't pay much attention after that as the minis were excitedly recapping their night and Hubs and I were in a conversation of our own. It wasn't until, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the middle mini with TWO suckers in his hand, taking turns sucking on both of them.

As I turned to question him on the whole two sucker situation, the youngest mini spoke, "uh, Harrison, hurry up. Just bite all of the caramel off and give it back to me. I'm trying to wait nicely."

I instantly picked up on what was happening. The youngest had given the middle mini her sucker to eat off the part she didn't like, then was going to pop that sucker in her own mouth and finish eating it. I wanted to gag a little as I once again preached about spreading germs, etc. The best part was the onlookers who heard the whole debacle and actually giggled about the incident. I suspect they were relieved not to be in our shoes, but we get that a lot from people who see our circus train moving along.

To cap the night off, I had to tell the same two children not to dip their toothbrushes in the dirty spit water sitting in the sink after the oldest brushed his teeth (and left the water running longer than needed). I'm grossed out and slightly impressed that kids are still alive after all of the gross stuff they touch, put their mouth on, and share.