Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall Favorites Part 1

Since fall is a favorite and there's soooo much to love this time of year, I had to split my favorites into two posts. Part 2 will air at a later date (and I've so wanted to use that line for a while). I've got some new favorites in my life due to spoiling myself and a few lifestyle changes.

1.) It's no secret I bought myself a new washer. I'm a tad biased with Whirlpool brand appliances, so after a lot of research, I went with the Cabrio washer. Omg, I'm in love! There's no agitator in the washer, it plays me a nice little tune whenever I press any buttons, it's amazingly quiet, and the best part: it can hold A LOT of clothes. I went from doing anywhere from 2-6 loads of laundry a day (keep in mind a number of kiddos I had running through my house this summer) to doing one (maybe one and a half) load a day. This washer has saved me soooo much time that I actually no longer mind doing the laundry or putting it away!

2.) Flats are my favorite (to be perfectly honest, I haven't worn heels since high school), especially this time of year. I recently purchased a pair of blue Tieks that I could wear for days...ok, so I do. My daughter has acquired my love for flats and is obsessed with her cat flats. I'm not sure how much boot wearing will be done this fall for us girls.

3.) A few months ago, I cut out meat and reduced the amount of dairy I consumed (which wasn't much to begin with). My favorite dessert splurge has been Ben and Jerry's non-dairy Cherry Garcia. 100 times better than the original. 

4.) As I mentioned above, I cut meat out of my diet. My favorite place to get new recipes has been Tasty Vegetarian. While the rest of my family hasn't followed my lifestyle choice, they've happily tried several new vegetarian recipes and approved. We've even successfully turned some of our favorites into vegetarian meals.

5.) I love a good jean jacket in the fall. Gap is still my go-to for all things denim.

6.) We haven't had many fall-like days here in Iowa, which means I haven't had a chance to show off my new cold shoulder sweater. I have it hanging in my closet, ready for a cool fall day!

7.) If you know me you know I do not have a green thumb at all. I bought mums to adorn my front porch. While they're looking a bit rough already, I really love mums in the fall.

8.) So, let's recap a bit here: a mom who hasn't been consuming dairy products and an oldest mini who is allergic to all nuts (and a variety of other things) makes finding pre-packaged snacks tough. I came across Enjoy Life brand and we have loved their chocolate chips, small cookies, mixes, and above all, their Seed and Fruit Mix. It's a hit with everyone in the family and daycare kiddos.

9.) Two weeks after the U2 concert and I'm still jammin' to Joshua Tree, but I'm also loving their new song, You're The Best Thing About Me (that we got to see performed live for the first time).

10.) We switched this past spring to all natural household products, most importantly, cleaners. Every other week, we find ourselves at Target picking smelling all of the Method cleaners (the minis actually beg to go with me when they see it on the list). We have now tried all scents, with Honey Crisp Apple being our favorite (Grapefruit was our least).

11.) Hubs bought us an elliptical two years ago. We just set it up in the basement in the past few weeks. It has been amazing and a huge time saver! I can now get my miles in quickly and efficiently.

12.) Fuller House Season 3 came out on Friday on Netflix (I'm assuming you knew this, unless you live under a rock). The minis and I may have powered through all 9 episodes between Friday night and Sunday evening. It's one of the only family shows we can all stand to watch.