Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Witch's Lab

Three years ago I did an activity with the kids called Witch's Potions. They LOVED it, but it's kinda a waste of supplies, not to mention a huge mess. We've done smaller Potions activities since then. This year I created a Witch's Lab for the kids to play with. There was spaghetti (witch's hair), jello (witch brains), and grapes (witch's eyeballs). Dyed water (black, purple, green, and orange) and shaving cream (with Halloween sprinkles on top) rounded out the messy sensory activity.

The witch's dinner special: hair, brains, and eyeballs.

Everything mixed together. This was the first sensory activity we've ever done at daycare that grossed me out! Between the smell of the shaving cream, the watered down Jello, and the slimy noodles, I nearly gagged when the kids told me to touch it.

The littles (ages 2 and 3) enjoyed this activity, but it was the school agers (my three) who loved it the most. They walked in the door from school, skipped snack (unheard of in this house), and played in the Witch's Lab for well over an hour making various potions and creating "spells." Of course, since the school age kids were loving it, the littles had to re-join the fun!

The sheets on the floor worked well for catching the mess (all liquids were kept on the tile floor underneath the large plaid sheet, but nothing was spilled surprisingly). With the help of a few of the kiddos, I was able to easily shake out the sheets before throwing them in the wash.