Friday, October 13, 2017

Another Weekend, Another Pumpkin Patch (and Other Stuff)

I love a good, full weekend. I also like some down time. I made sure we had a bit of both AND had time to run some important errands. We started our weekend with a dance party, Mexican food, and a (much needed) trip to Toys R Us for daycare toys and birthday presents for little friends.

We've hit the stage where the minis make fun of us. The video below is a re-enactment (not a very good one either), but Hubs sweetly stole a peck on my cheek, which led to the boys going "ewww, you guys were like this...." and showed us an over the top kiss. It cracked me up (and really bothered them that we weren't fazed by their teasing) that I made everyone do the re-enactment.

Saturday was a perfectly lazy, rainy day. 

We got home from our (rather expensive) Target run just as the rain moved back in. We took the rest of the day to watch a movie, do a few projects around the house, and get some good reading time in.

I'm really enjoying this phase of my mini's life. They're old enough to help out with things (such as wrapping birthday presents), but still young enough that they enjoy our family fun days.

I told Harrison to write his name small. This kid has a habit of taking up half of a birthday card with his name. So, he wrote it as small as he possibly could.

We got home Saturday night just in time to see fireworks from our front yard. The fireworks in our area got rained out on the 4th of July, so they rescheduled. We completely forgot about it until we pulled in our driveway and were greeted with the sight of fireworks just over the tree tops.

Sunday morning we let the temperature warm up a bit, then we went to another pumpkin patch, the Science Center, and home in time for family dinner. I made pork bbq sandwiches for Hubs and the kids, while I tried jackfruit bbq sandwiches for the first time. Using this recipe, it's definitely something I will be making again! The minis even tried it too and liked it.

I took the opportunity to wear my new Halloween shirt. 

We needed a few more pumpkins, gourds, and hay bales and corn stalks for daycare play. Our favorite place to get all of this in one stop is Geisler Farms. We discovered this patch on our Tour of Pumpkin Patches two years ago and now it's a must every year. Not only do they have a wonderful variety of pumpkins and gourds, they have wonderful prices for everything, and just enough to keep the kids busy. Quite honestly, the only reason we went into the Fun Yard is because they have the minis favorite giant slide.

I highly recommend this patch to anyone with young children and/or anyone looking for pumpkins. It's always great and has grown every year we've gone!

The hamster wheel provided plenty of laughs.

The beloved big slide.

The middle mini did flips and cartwheels on the jumping pillow.

Races around the track.

We ran out of room in the van for the cornstalk.

While it would have been the perfect afternoon for a hike, the minis begged us to go to the Science Center to see the new dinosaur exhibit. It was really cool! Even Hubs and I learned a new thing or two!

The screens and CGI dinosaurs were a hit with every child in the exhibit! Luckily we have a member pass so we'll be going back again soon.

Walking past these, Hubs and I got excited to see toys (and a VHS) that we had when we were little. Do you remember which restaurant had these plastic The Land Before Time puppets??? Hint: they also had Beauty and the Beast. I wish I still had some of these toys to show my kids!

The joys of a green screen.

The minis and I worked hard to get the pretend corner "pumpkin patch" all set up before bed Sunday evening!