Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Festivals Weekend (But Not Quite)

Oh, those weekends that don't turn out as expected. This was one of those weekends. First, we'll talk about what we did do: we did go to the World Food Festival, went to a sale at Hotel Fort Des Moines (and poked around the hotel a bit to take it in before the renovation begins), we had family movie night, we completed one room of the house (meaning nothing else needs to be done in this room!), and had our last Snookies visit of the year.

We had plans to go to the Beaverdale Fall Festival and we almost made it. We were parked, got out to walk up to the festival, and it began pouring. It was a brief pour, but enough for us to get soaked and the minis requested to go home. We obliged and spent the rest of our Saturday at home. We had also hoped to make it to Adventureland, but got caught up in projects at home. I did, however, end the weekend feeling accomplished and spent a couple of hours finishing up some writing projects in peace (in my office!). One of my favorite feelings is ending a weekend feeling happy, refreshed, and accomplished.

We made it to the World Food Festival for the first time in two years. In between rain showers we ate strawberries dipped in chocolate (or just the chocolate if you're a certain five year old), pupusas, English pub food, Italian meatballs, and gelato. We listened to African tribal drums and watched people salsa dancing.

As we were leaving the World Food fest, we walked by Hotel Fort Des Moines. One of our favorite restaurants is attached to it, but the hotel has been closed for a while. We noticed signs pointing to a sale inside and all of the doors were open. Curiosity got the best of me and we walked in. I wasn't sure what we'd find, but we found the hotel lobby flooded with amazing hotel furniture. Apparently the renovations that we thought had been underway hadn't even begun and they were only now clearing out the hotel rooms. We scored a desk, chair, lamps, and a few other nick knacks all for $45. We also got to poke around the hotel a bit. 

Pulling out of my parent's driveway after getting dumped on trying to walk to the festival. Fun times. The minis cried. Everyone agreed to "just go home."

Sunday involved coffee, putting the finishing touches on the office/daycare room, hanging pictures above the stairs, getting the oldest mini to his play date, cleaning the house, and ending with our last trip to Snookie's for the year. That was a great end to our weekend!