Friday, September 8, 2017

4 Day Labor Day Weekend (+2)

"What's the +2 about?" you're wondering. Well, it's that I'm so behind on lots of things these days that you get to hear what we did for our Labor Day weekend PLUS the two weekends beforehand.

Some shopping at Homemakers, lunch at Mi Mexico, shopping at Target, and fencing/railing building.

Bubble blowing after dark while Dad works on the deck railings.

Family movie night.

Our Bucks bill just got a lot more expensive. The minis insist on getting "coffee" whenever we go now too. We have an almond milk white chocolate mocha (with an extra shot of espresso), a peach tea, a decaf almond milk horchata frappucino, a decaf caramel macchiato, and a black coffee. I'll give you one guess which one was mine.

I unpacked backpacks from last school year three days before the new school year. Obviously I was not ready for summer to end.

Saturday morning downtown farmers market. TONS of fresh fruits and veggies and some treats as well (giant cinnamon rolls anyone??).

Attempting to maneuver three minis, five coffee drinks, a watermelon, fresh flowers, and two bags of veggies is not simple.

Farmers market goodies.

A stop at the Theatrical Shop for Elizabeth's items for dance class. This was their first time in the Shop. Needless to say, we spent quite awhile looking at all of the costumes and such.

A BBQ with friends. My three were perfectly entertained by this car. I'm simply happy they didn't run over any plants or trees!

Yep, that was me, the adult, using a Minnie Mouse fork for dinner.

So. Many. Trips. to Menards lately. So. Many. House projects to do.

Sunday morning reading and writing. With a mask on. Totally normal. For us at least.

Popped collar and attitude walking into our second home.

We let the minis play at their favorite park. Going to a park is pretty awesome these days. The minis go and play by themselves while we get to relax. So many things get so much simplier the older they get.

I was lucky enough to experience a 4 day Labor Day weekend!!! Friday morning I sent Hubs off to work, saw the minis off to school, and had a day completely to myself! I started my day with a walk around Grays Lake, getting my brand new (amazing!!!) washer, lesson planning for daycare, reading news articles in peace, running to the store (I came home with more items than I needed, which reminded me why I prefer our groceries delivered), getting my favorite blended coffee, and then having a fun evening with my little family.

A quick, peaceful walk.

We got rid of the boy's dresser in favor of a new (well, new to us dresser). This was the first piece of furniture we ever bought for one of our kids. It has served us well for nine years, but I was happy to see this large, solid oak piece go.

Surprise treats after school. I believe the quote was, "what??!! You're actually letting us eat this??? For a snack???"

The middle one kept me entertained during dinner at Ted's Coney Island. We've been eating here every so often lately because they have an amazing Greek salad (no meat added) with a side of pita bread that I'm obsessed with.

The cat keeps shoving himself in between the couch and the window. He scared me as I was sweeping because I didn't see him there, moved the couch out, and he fell to the ground. He was not happy I interrupted his nap!

Cleaning the floor. I've gotten to the point where I refuse to clean up any of the mini's messes anymore. They're still figuring out how to successfully get the crumbs into the dust pan. It's entertaining to watch!

We've been lucky enough to try out several new (or new-to-us) restaurants around Des Moines. A few of our favorites have been St. Kilda, The Cheese Bar, Cooper's on 5th, and Barn Town Brewery. Of all of these, Cooper's and Barn Town were the most kid friendly.

At Menards again, this time racing down the aisle.

We've walked the High Trestle Trail Bridge in Madrid, IA several times. High on my bucket list has been walking this Bridge at night to see it illuminated. I made sure the minis had good naps that afternoon, had a big dinner, then we set out on the trail. It was so much fun to do at night and also very crowded! Apparently this is a must on a lot of people's lists. The minis did great considering we didn't finish walking until 9 p.m. (then we had the 45 minute drive back to Des Moines).

The one thing cooler than the bridge? When the minis discovered our shoes were "lighted up too!"

At least one kid always crying or making a face. Whatever. I've got the proof we were here, had fun, had a few meltdowns about pointless things, and left. 

Mom and the minis broke out the fall sensory bins while Hubs and Uncle Andy cut wood and built shelves in the garage (for storage). We then treated ourselves to a day at the water park.

My season pass picture looks like a mug shot. My daughter's is quite easily the cutest picture ever.

One of our favorite places to be on hot summer days: Adventure Bay's wave pool and lazy river.

Big brother volunteered to take them to the bathroom while mom and dad finished up lunch. He's got quite the attitude lately, but easily the best big brother ever.

The last day at the water park of the season and the first time she enjoyed the wave pool. Of course it works out that way. Let's hope she loves it next summer!

Of course there were tears as we left. While we were riding the train (on our way out of the park), Elizabeth spotted two daycare girls and wanted to see them. Well, we were on the train and couldn't hop off the ride. Then mean ole' mom and dad told her we were leaving (we had been at the park for hours at that point). Life's so tough sometimes!

Everyone was exhausted after the water park, so we picked up a pizza and watched a movie to relax before bed.

After everyone was in bed, I did food prep for the week, only to remember that we had one weekend day left!

We had a lazy Labor Day morning, then went for a cook out. The fires blazing out west left our skies an eerie orange.

Playing with Nerf guns with cousins.

Now, it's fall and our weekends will be full with our favorite fall activities!!