Saturday, September 2, 2017

Daycare Painting--With Squirt Guns!

As most of our really cool things that happen at daycare, this began as any other painting time. I filled up the squirt guns (I nabbed a 12 pack for $3 at Walmart. Only half of them worked, but that shouldn't be unexpected when you only pay $3), a 3/4 with paint and the remainder with water. I tried a couple with just paint and it was much too thick. Adding just  a bit of water helped immensely. I realized quickly that I failed to buy stronger paper and only had one piece of poster board left. So, squirt gun painting turned into a daycare painting.

Quite a bit of the paint was being squirted onto the middle of the poster board. After the first few kids, I had them aim for my finger. I'd move my finger to spots all over the so there was paint all over. I told the kids to squirt at my finger. The kids LOVED this, especially if I didn't move my finger fast enough!

We have done squirt gun painting the past four summer's and never has a squirt gun painting turned out this cool! Eventually I'll get around to framing this so I can keep it.

Our hand print painting and squirt gun painting.