Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Summer Weekend In The Beginning of Fall

This weekend was phenomenal! We did A LOT of playing. The weather was incredibly hot (hello high 90's and humidity), so we got in one last visit to the spray grounds. We went to one of our favorite annual events at Living History Farms and picked apples and enjoyed the activities at a local pumpkin patch. 

Our weekend started Friday night with family dinner and watching a few episodes of Fuller House season 3. Saturday started bright and early because I told the minis they could watch another episode so I could sleep in a bit. Then we grabbed breakfast and headed to LHF. I had every intention of only being there for a couple of hours (tops), but we were having such a great time that we wound up being there for 5 hours! This was our first mom and minis day in quite awhile. I can easily say I have truly missed them. Unfortunately, now that Hubs doesn't work as many Saturday's, our Mom and Minis Days are fewer.

The youngest mini walked out of her room Saturday morning with bright red lipstick on and her dance skirt instead of her pj bottoms. 

Saturday morning kitty snuggles.

Apple Fest at Living History Farms is one of our favorite events every year. Typically we're here in jeans and sweat shirts, keeping warm with apple cider. Instead, we had on our summer tanks and drank cold apple cider as we tried to stay as cool as possible.

Watching the oldest attempt to get an apple off the string was entertaining for everyone around!

The minis got to help make apple butter.

The delicious apple fritters.

The oldest mini requested a picture of the old Charles Dickens books. He informed me he was reading A Tale of Two Cities right now in one of his reading groups. He also informed me he would like to buy a copy of the printed in 1875.

Inside of the teepee. 

I saw this posted as we walked away from the Indian village. I found it fitting.

The 1850's farm is one of my favorite things at Living History Farms. I have distinct memories of visiting when I was a kid and learning about life then. The minis seem much more fascinated by the town rather than the farms, but I'm hoping that will change in time.

We got to see the oxen plow the field on the farm.

I remember as a child, this loft area reminded me of the TV show Little House on the Prairie, but the cabin itself reminded me of the book Little House in the Big Woods. 

We got to do an egg hunt and make applesauce on the 1920's farm.

In the exhibit hall we the history of the circus in Iowa. While I don't particularly agree with the treatment of circus animals, I would very much enjoy going back in time and seeing the circus in its hay day.

We were so hot after being at the farms for two hours that we indulged when we got back to the visitors center. We got a bag of Honeycrisp apples and a half gallon of apple cider. The minis didn't waste any time and dove right into the apple cider as we loaded in the minivan. 

We ended our day by picking up Hubs from work and spending a couple of hours at Greenwood Spray Park. 

This was the first time ever that Lil Miss E enjoyed the spraying water. Usually she sits out and yells at her brother's when they do something wrong. Occasionally, she'd dip her toes in. This time she went all out!

Sunday morning didn't start quite as early as Saturday, but we promptly got ready and headed to Center Grove Orchard for apple picking, farmyard fun, and spending entirely too much money in their country store.

Our annual picture on the haystacks.

This orchard and pumpkin patch has a train. We've gotten away with not riding it, until now. It really was a fun train ride though!

Quite a bit of the apples were waaaayyy up high. The minis were banned from using the apple picker early on in the day. I had fun using it though (minus getting slammed in the head a couple of times).

Miss E went down the big slide by herself! Of course, she wiped out at the end and cut her knee. She was pretty broken up about it so we had to sit out for a few minutes. I loved how she kept saying "ok," every time I said something to her. I took video in an attempt to get her saying it, but instead I got her saying "I love you too."

Animal races at the barnyard.

The minis were exhausted after the pumpkin patch. We settled on showers and watching Hocus Pocus before bed.

Dinner included apples, asperagus, zucchini, broccoli, and avocados with vegan crackers. The kids had hot dogs to round out their meal.

My favorite treats from Center Grover Orchard country store are apple cider donuts and raspberry salsa. 

The minis went to bed nice and early, Hubs put together a new daycare toy, and I had friends over to watch old episodes of Will and Grace (hello late 90's).

It was such a great weekend! I'm eagerly planning our next playing weekend!