Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Weekend

We all have colds and took things pretty easy all weekend. Saturday we stayed home (mostly) and the minis had their first experience with dog sitting. Sunday we had brunch at my parent's house and went to the pumpkin patch Geisler Farms in the afternoon. Not a spectacular weekend by any means, but we/I got plenty of rest, which is always a huge plus!

The minis can make anything interesting, even dog sitting. Read about their adventure with that here.

Our special after dinner treat: apple nachos. Both plates consist of apples, chocolate syrup, melted caramels, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and marshmallows (all I had were the flat, made for s'mores marshmallows so I cut them into bite size pieces). The plate on the left also had melted peanut butter on it. It was AMAZING! 

Dancing to the music of Inspector Gadget.

During brunch on Sunday, my mom pulled out an old scary mask that all three minis fell in love with (they take after me).

After brunch we went to Geisler Farms pumpkin patch. We tried out this patch last year on our Tour of Pumpkin Patches (read more here) and loved it. It didn't disappoint this time around either, but it was a lot more crowded! 

A little blurry from all of the jumping but I love this pic of the three boys jumping. Hubs really got into it. I had a good time watching a group of high schoolers practicing back flips....they were having a better time than any of the younger kids on the jumping pillow!

Pots, pans, and wooden spoons musical instruments.

Videos of the boys going down the giant slides:

The corn pool. We've been finding bits of corn all week long, especially caught in the washing machine.

Picking out our pumpkins turned into an ordeal. No one could agree on pumpkins, so we wound up with $70 worth of pumpkins, gourds, and more.

During our picture taking I asked Elizabeth to lower her arms so her belly wasn't showing. Obviously that was followed with tears rather than putting her arms at her sides. We quickly paid and left the pumpkin patch after that.

Getting a pep talk from dad about behavior. Life is so tough.

After the pumpkin patch we came home, relaxed, ate grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner, put together a pumpkin patch indoors for daycare, and early bedtimes (for all of us!).

Even the cat loves the hay bales.

Next weekend we have birthday parties to attend and we're hoping to sneak in a hike to see some fall colors. We've been keeping our weekends fairly low key since the kids are so busy during the week days. Naps on Saturday's have become a much anticipated time for me!