Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mom's Sick Weekend

Bronchitis took me out this past weekend. I spent all of Saturday curled up in bed. Thankfully, it was Hub's weekend off of work, so the minis were well looked after and entertained while the antibiotics and inhalers worked their magic on me. Hubs took the kids to pick out birthday presents for friends, took them to the party, and took them to out to lunch at their choice of restaurant (they chose Spaghetti Works). The minis had an excellent time on Dad Day. Unfortunately, I have no pictures from their day because, well, it's dad.

Sunday we kept laid back as well (more for my sake than anyone else's). We did some cleaning, playing, Hubs ran a few errands for me, we took naps, and then we went on the much anticipated leaf hunt. We were supposed to go on our long awaited fall colors hike for our leaf hunt, but my lungs weren't quite up for a hiking challenge. I have instead promised the minis with weeknight walks around the neighborhood and bike trail for more leaf hunting.

A sparkling cider toast at a birthday party.

The minis have been obsessed with storytelling lately. For the last several nights they've wanted to hear stories from when Hubs and I were little, about our siblings, family vacations, etc. I've noticed that they've been more open to telling me stories about their days since we've started the bedtime storytelling. That has been an unexpected, happy surprise, even though bedtimes have been pushed back a bit because the storytelling tends to run into overtime.

They set up a pack n play (that I use for daycare) to be used as a dog cage as they played Sunday morning. I usually don't let them play with daycare things (the last time they played with a pack n play, a giant hole ended up in the side of two of them and I had to buy new ones) but they took full advantage of me not being 100% on my mom game.

Lots of resting on the couch and in bed. Nothing happened with that giant pile of clean laundry until today.

It was humid and 80 degrees for our leaf hunt....which made it feel not very much like f all. We did get some cool leaves. We went to Walnut Woods because of the flat terrain (easier on my lungs). Hubs and I noted that it would make a pretty cool haunted forest this time of year...

I'm not sure how it's possible, but my minis had never encountered burs before. Hubs showed them exactly how they work.

More storytelling until way past bedtime on Sunday night. The top picture is a bit dark, but I love Elizabeth eagerly sitting forward waiting for the next story.

I'm hopeful that we'll all be feeling better by next weekend because we've got lots of fun planned: a haunted house (for the boys), Night Eyes at the Blank Park Zoo, and a friend's birthday party.