Wednesday, October 19, 2016

When Your Kid Says Something That Leaves You Horrified

I've had many of these horrifying moments. I had a semi-horrifying moment on Friday with the whole testicle incident (read that story here), but nothing compared to what my middle child informed me of Monday after school.

Over the weekend, Harrison (said middle child) got a cut (a very small cut) on the bottom of his foot. He was taking a beer bottle out to the recycling bin when he dropped it and it broke, hence cutting his foot. We checked it over in the bathroom, deemed it ok, cleaned it, slapped a band aid over it, and called it good. However, dad's broken beer bottle was the talk of the day after that. Even Elizabeth wanted to get in on the broken beer bottle attention and said to Hubs "remember when you glassed me with your beer when I was a baby. That was so bad." I can easily assure everyone that never happened.

Neither did what I was told after school on Monday. Harrison came home from school and I asked him how his foot was.

Harrison: "Oh, it's okay. It still hurts pretty bad. I had gym today and told my teacher I had to sit out."

Me: "Why? Did you play at recess?"

Harrison: "Yes I played at recess. I played tag with a few kids. I told my gym teacher that my dad cut my foot with his beer bottle."

Me: "You what???!!!?"

Harrison: "I told my gym teacher...and my teacher and another teacher that dad cut me with his beer bottle this weekend so everyone needed to be careful of my foot."

I could have died. I'm really shocked we didn't get a call from school or a visit from social services...or both. Children!