Monday, October 12, 2015

"See that on your shirt?"

We have a three year old daughter. Our days are filled with dramatic tears, dramatic reenactments of events, and one liners that leave you with your jaw hanging. She's my youngest, so I'm totally used to being called out by my kids. However this afternoon's sass left me stunned.
The scene:
We were sitting down to dinner (flatbread pizza). Elizabeth takes her usual two bites of any meal and exclaims "I'm all done." 
Me: "Elizabeth, please eat this one corner of your pizza."
Elizabeth: "No."
Me: "3 more bites then please."
Elizabeth: "Do you see that on your shirt?" Points at the writing on my shirt. "On your pocket."
Me: "Yes."
Elizabeth: "The writing on your pocket?"
Me: "Yes."
Elizabeth: "You know what it says?"
Me: "What?" I was actually curious at this point.
Elizabeth: "It says 'I'm full.'"
Boom. I'm adult enough to know that I was just taken down by a three year old. She wins. Again.

What my shirt actually says. It does not in fact say that she's full.

(For a further look at my life with this three year old, read 12 Signs You Have A 3 Year Old Girl).